*Update Bio*

After Jörg Molts “Coming Out” video released here – https://nakamolto.info/nm/2018/09/25/hot-news-jorg-molts-comming-out/ lot’s of victims sent us several messages and we had a busy time.

Thanks to more than 15.000 visitors of nakamolto.info in September! This was a new record.

Moreover, we got new information material mostly of Jörg Molts former life, that draws a better picture of his personality. No surprise is the evidence that Jörg Molt was an unemployed DJ before he started his scams.

Very interesting for the evangelists of his sect with the declared goal to “create a better world” is that THE LEADER (Jörg Molt) did and does not pay any child support for one of his 4 kids until today.

This is another remarkable similarity in the CV to the other German Leader from the last century…

Read the updated BIO here:

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