March 11, 2018

Bitcoin Retirement Plan

Source: Bitcoin Retirement Plan by Joerg Molt by cryptowarrior


SCAMALARM! Watch the proof by Jörg Molt himself here:


Update October 5th 2017:

Happy Birthday “Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan”! The first year of Jörg Molts Ponzi-Scheme went by. In the first stage, he used his Website to collect the coins of his victims via Coinpayments as the payment provider. Then he moved to Bitgo-system, which he indicated some months later to be “not secure and funds could get maybe lost” and now he collects coins from his victims by just publishing a payment address – and it works! By obtaining trust from his victims to lead them into “a better world”, he collected nearly 3 BTC the last 2 weeks.
It bears mentioning, that he published a new explanation of his Ponzi-Scheme on October 4th in his new created Facebook-group “Bitcoin Co-Founder Joerg Molt” with a new payment address and this statement:

“What could go wrong?
Mining does not start on time.
Then we mine as long as 2 BTC are achieved.” (from a 0.1 BTC investment)

This is hillarious!!! Nobody has to worry….


Update March 19th 2018:

Joergi posted a video to explain his Scam-Plan on March 18th in his FB Group “official supporter group of btc co-founder joerg molt”. Let’s analyze his assumptions:

Min 1:30-1:40: Joergi: “It is possible to gain 11 BTC from 160 pcs. Antminer S9.”

The S9 has the following specification:

Let’s do the mining calculation:
160 pcs. x 14 Th/s = 2.240 TH
Energy Consumption:
160 pcs. x 1.340 W = 214.400 Watts
estimation of electricity costs: 8 Dollarcent per kW/h

The result is appx. 4.88 BTC per month not 11 BTC, what Joergi told his victims.

What you also have to consider – these figures are based on the Network Hashrate Today! This is the 9-month chart of the Network-Hashrate. Everybody can imagine where the results of his miners will lead to…



Min 2:30: “We have 1.500 investors with an average of 2 BTC in the programme – this means we collected 3.000 BTC”

This is the most dubious part of his story. Let’s do a calculation here:
let’s assume a BTC price of 8.500 USD

Joergi collected 3.000 x 8.500 USD = 25,5 MIO USD

He purchased 160 Antminer S9 to an estimated bulk price of 1.789 USD = 160 x 1.789 = 286.240 USD
Let’s add costs for the facility, manpower, his travels to fix the deal of 80.000 USD and round it up to
400.000 USD.

Joergi? Where are the missing 25.1 Mio USD?

Even when he really would buy Antminer S9 for 60% of the investment volume, as indicated on his Pension-Plan-Website, he would have to buy 14.000 pcs. Antminer S9. Let’s wait for his photos of the “mining facility” in Switzerland – i promise we will have lots of fun!

Let’s do a bet: I bet that Joergi will erase his video in the second he read this analysis!

End of update

The Promise:

You give me 0.1 BTC and I return you 2-5 BTC in 5 years!

OK! Let’s try that!


  1. Register at
  2. pay your 0.1 BTC via Coinpayments
  3. This is what you get (you can use this login and try it out!!! There is nothing more than that!)


The proof that it is a SCAM:

  1. no contract (not even a smart contract)

  2. no imprint, no terms and conditions

  3. no legal entity

  4. no counterpart except the affiliate Joerg Molt!


When you pay – your money is gone and you have no chance to get it back – you closed a contract with nobody!



Update March 17th 2018:
Who is the only owner of the Bitcoin Pension Plan?


Update Nov. 14th 2019:

In a very, very weird interview with epic pictures of the new Cowboy Jorg Molt, he repeated the key facts of his “Bitcoin-Pension-Plan” Ponzi Scheme. Interesting fact – he does not even remember himself, that hestartedt his scam already 2017:

Another project I started at the beginning of 2018. Because many people lost money in multi-level marketing, who promise you the new world in Bitcoins, I started the Bitcoin Pension plan. The accounts are limited to seven thousand people. They pay an average of five hundred Dollars, in Bitcoins and after a runtime of five years they get out two Bitcoins.

HERE is the article