March 14, 2018

Jörg Molts world

Just to give you an idea, how the “Scam System Jörg Molt” works, we give you an idea of his recent “projects”. The system is always the same – he starts with partners a new scam and cashes out for “speakers-jobs” or commissions within an MLM-scheme and after some time and some victims ripped off, he fakes a 180-degree turnaround and takes this project on his “Scam Cam” in his Satoshi School.

Did you ever wonder why most of the systems he is attacking in his drug-videos take no legal action against him?

The answer is clear – in the background, he is engaged in the systems and earns money there….


Evidence 1: Bitclub Network

End of 2016 and early 2017 Jörg Molt told all his victims, that he is the co-founder of Bitclub Network in his conferences and tried to convince people that investments in BCN are safe and a good idea. Some months later it was on his “Scam Cam” and in the meanwhile, he is producing a drug-video every month against BCN.

Source: Jörg Molt LIVE @Bitclub Network by cryptowarrior

THIS VIDEO SHOWS HOW Jörg Molt CAME INTO CRYPTO! BITCLUB NETWORK HIRED A DJ FOR THEIR PRESENTATION! Everybody miss-understood  Jörg Molt! He is not the founder of Bitcoin, he is the founder of Bitclub Network!


Evidence 2: OMNIA

Jörg Molt was on the stage of the kickoff event of Omnia. Also did several public interviews with Omnia as their tech expert.


Not even 3 months later Omnia was part of several Videos in his Scam Cam at Satoshi School and he blamed them as MLM-Ponzi.


Evidence 3: AVALON LIFE

Jörg Molt was several times invited and paid as a Speaker of Avalon Life. He confirmed that Avalon Life invited him for a two-week vacation to Costa Rica as well.



And even here, 2-3 months later he took Avalon Life on his Scam Cam at Satoshi School for weeks with several videos against them.




Jörg Molt hates Competitors!

Do not invest in one of his Scams!