Andreas Antonopoulos red-flags Joerg Molt again

Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the top influencers in the crypto spehre, red-flags Jörg Molt again in a tweet published on November 13th 2019. According to the tweet and the following conversations on twitter, Andreas was approached by victims of Joerg Molts “Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan” directly. It’s getting more and more uncomfortable for the “Bitcoin Co-Founder” and scammer Read more about Andreas Antonopoulos red-flags Joerg Molt again[…]

“German Faketoshi” made it to the scammers hall of fame

Must have been a busy time for Jörg Örtl aka Jörg Molt Bitcoin Co-Founder the last days. Andreas Antonopoulos jumped in on twitter yesterday with this post: Apparently, a German person called “Jorg Molt” has been showing a selfie taken with me and telling people that we are friends This is a LIE. I don’t know Read more about “German Faketoshi” made it to the scammers hall of fame[…]

Thank you Kenn Bosak! Joerg Nakamolto Molt deleted his Twitter Account!

The last 12 months Jörg Molt realised that his “operations” in Germany, Switzerland and Austria came to an end of expansion as his brand in german speaking countries got fucked up because of us. Especially his live video where he claimed to rob the funds of 1.600 customers of his Ponzi-Scheme made it a lot Read more about Thank you Kenn Bosak! Joerg Nakamolto Molt deleted his Twitter Account![…]

*Update Bio*

After Jörg Molts “Coming Out” video released here – lot’s of victims sent us several messages and we had a busy time. Thanks to more than 15.000 visitors of in September! This was a new record. Moreover, we got new information material mostly of Jörg Molts former life, that draws a better picture of his personality. Read more about *Update Bio*[…]

*HOT NEWS* Jörg Molts Coming Out

Jörg Molt published a video on September 23th 2018, which could be described as the “Coming Out” of Jörg Molt. It’s not only about this stupid move that he confessed ripping off his customers of his “Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan” in a live video and providing prosecutors around the globe the evidence to bring him to jail, but Read more about *HOT NEWS* Jörg Molts Coming Out[…]

Jörg Molt explains why he is the BTC-Co-Founder

A very interesting coverage of Jörg Molt and his Satoshi School was published recently with a screenshot of the explanation of Jörg Molt himself why Jörg Örtl thinks that he is one of the Co-Founders of Bitcoin. Jörg Molt: Beeing Bitcoin Co-Founder is more like a stat. Its the responsibility to remind people why it was Read more about Jörg Molt explains why he is the BTC-Co-Founder[…]