September 15, 2018

Trace the crook

We love Blockchain-Technology. The beauty of this great invention is, that you are able to trace the financial movements of crooks like Jörg Molt and his Satoshi School. For that reason and with the help of an anonymous user “trustlister” we will publish all known BTC addresses Jörg used and will use in the future to track his fraudulent activities for a possible prosecution.

The day will come when Jörg Molt will disappear and we will be prepared to help his victims!

Now it’s on you: 

WHENEVER YOU DID “BUSINESS” WITH JÖRG MOLT AND SEND HIM OR HE SENT YOU BTC – PLEASE SEND THE BTC-ADRESS TO OUR EMAIL: [email protected]  Please include the evidence of the transaction (f.e. email from his “Pension-Plan” Ponzi or Invoice or similar.

We will post this address here – this is the only way to be prepared when he will escape from his responsibility…


added Sept. 15th 2018:

This was the address of coinpayments – we did a test with his Bitcoin-Pensionsplan Ponzi in February 2018 and this was the address where we had to transfer the 0.1 BTC:


added Sept. 25th 2018:

There is phase 3 or 4 of the Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan. Jörg Molt is still collecting BTCs from his victims. This are the addresses to pay:


added October 2nd 2018:

A user sent over the BTC address he transferred 0.1 BTC in October 2017 – it seems to be one more Coinpayments-Address:


added October 5th 2018:

Jörg Molt posted a new payment address for his Ponzi-Scheme in his Facebook-group “Bitcoin Co-Founder Joerg Molt”:


added Oct. 17th 2018:

someone sent us the payment address of his payment via coinpayments and assumes that Jörg Molt also took his coins:


added Nov. 14th 2018:

a user sent us another address where Jörg Molt stole the coins of his victims as well:


added Feb. 6th 2019 –  the “get 2 for 1 Hot Deal” from Jörg Molt:


added March. 28th 2019 –  the “get 2 for 1 Easter Special” from Jörg Molt:


added Nov.25th 2019 – the “last 65 accounts are available deal from Oct15th to Nov.1st 2019”: