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This are his real skills!
People think he is an Expert – He loves to fool them!
Joerg Molt tells everybody that he was at the secret service in Germany and is one of the “Founders of Bitcoin” and therefore a Bitcoin-Millionaire. The truth is that he has no education, no skilled profession, absolutely no knowledge in Coding or Hacking. His profession was a marriage impostor – seeking for trusting women to steal all their funds. As he was working as a DJ (DJ Sunlove in Germany) it was very easy for him to find one victim after another. Then he came into Cryptospace in late 2016 and found out that ripping off people in that industry is a lot more easier and effective – so he founded a “school” to find his new vicitims. First he takes their money for “Education” and then he tries to get them in his “investment plans”. In the past few years, a lot of new crypto trading bots have been launched in the market that help all levels of crypto traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency from the comfort of their home. One of such trading bots is reviewed at that is developed for bitcoin traders.