March 11, 2018

Satoshi School

Source: The founder of Bitcoin! by cryptowarrior

Target your victims-group by opening a “School”!

What is the best way to find victims for your scams? Open up a “school”, try to get the trust of your victims, tell them that all others are Scam, bad, dumb, etc – then you can rip them off easily!

…and most important! – Tell ’em that you are one of the “founders” of Bitcoin! (Don’t forget to repeat it over and over to convince yourself as well!!)

When you are smart, then start with a “Consultant” Program and rip off the victims with more money first. Sell them a “Consultant-Education” for thousands of Dollar AND get royalties on their future sales – in Bitcoin without tax….



Joerg Molt sells a useless program for way too much money because he has to finance his MLM-System of “Consultants”. The Consultants have to pay thousands of Dollars for a license to use the name and “brand” of Satoshi-School” and when they do an education school they have to pay for every customer a fee of 1/3 to Jörg Molt as royalties.

The best thing is, that there IS NO BRAND AND NO LEGAL ENTITY OF THE SATOSHI SCHOOL!  No results in any corporate directory. The Satoshi School does legally not exist!

If you try to find the address of the school you may find a couple of different addresses over the last months. Let’s check that!

  1. Address: Satoshi Competence School Kreta, Sanoudaki 21, 70014 L. Chersonissou, Greece

This is the “official” address of the “School” end of 2016.


2. Address: Karl-Böhm-Weg 6, 80939 Munich, Germany


3. Address: Brunnenweg 21, 85435 Erding, Germany


The strategy is clear – no legal entity, no “real” address – everything is Fake only!


Additionally, the “School” indicated to be “founded” 2013 to gain the trust of their victims – there is absolutely no evidence in any archive that something like that exists before October 2016.

Even the domain of the “school” is registered by a fake name – ALL FAKE, ALL JOERG MOLT!

edited March 14th:

Joergi live on stage claims that he owns 250.000 BTC!!!!