Jorg Molt announces bankruptcy of his “Bitcoin Pension Plan” in Live Video

This is it! Jorg Molt is broken (he even looks like a broken man).

His last source of income, where he continued to collect money from victims until some weeks ago, is gone. His Ponzi Scheme is in the last breath.

The pressure from federal investigators in Germany (where he moved back to) and lots of ongoing lawsuits forced him to stop his money game.

In a video posted on August 12th in the Facebook channel of his “BTC-party” (formerly named Satoshi-School open group) he told his investors that most of the money is gone officially.

The reasons for the loss in his opinion are a joke and slam in the face for each of his customers, but that’s the nature of scammers. The true story is – that he wasted it for his glamour life – as every scammer does.

Jorg Molt is not a Cryto-Guy and gives a shit on everybody else than himself, as every scammer does.

Even the Wild West Crypto Yankees woke up and terminated all operations with this crook.

JÖRG: Save the rest of your stolen money for tons of lubricants – you’ll need it in jail!

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