Joergis new approach

Times goes by fast, but since the coming out of Jörg Molt Part 1 and Part 2, he changed his public appearance in a way that he stopped to publish his hate and drug videos. But the number of members and followers are remaining on a low level after his stupid actions.

In case you’ve missed his best shows click here:

Nevertheless, Jörg Molt loves to surprise – so he started a new (his estimated 30th) career – this time as a life consultant.

Even there he is pointing out to be the “Bitcoin CoFounder” and what he offers is hilarious again:

“Your success starts, when you take the decision!

….your success is 70% personality and 30% the knowledge of how to use your personality…

…I go along the way to your success with you!…..

From school to be a beggar or DJ – I made my way to become the Bitcoin Co-Founder

He realized the freedom and co-developed the medium for that – the Bitcoin….

and other bullshit wisdom.

But have your own look at the website of “Life Consultant Jörg Molt” and his great knowledge of coding websites as he did with the Bitcoin Blockchain:

Jörg Molt shared his great knowledge about “his product” Bitcoin for a while now. It’s time to share his experience in how to become a crook like him!

Jörg Molt posted other important news as well on Feb.25th in his “Satoshi School Open Group” Facebook channel. The Jörg Molt Bitcoinpension HOT DEAL – he called it himself “THE 2 FOR 1 DEAL”! 

When you transfer 0.1 BTC within 24 hours to his BTC wallet – you will receive 2 accounts in his Bitcoin Retirement Plan worth of 2×5 BTC in 5 years.
Sounds like a good deal for absolute idiots….who donated Jörg more than 10 BTC to spend…..


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