*HOT NEWS* Jörg Molts Coming Out

Jörg Molt published a video on September 23th 2018, which could be described as the “Coming Out” of Jörg Molt. It’s not only about this stupid move that he confessed ripping off his customers of his “Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan” in a live video and providing prosecutors around the globe the evidence to bring him to jail, but it’s also the fact that he shows his system as a sect. WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO COVERAGE WITH TRANSLATION BELOW!

Criticism and contradictions are not tolerated in his organization. Sharing links from our website nakamolto.info means to be THE enemy and punishment by “THE LEADER” himself. He built up a system of snitches and spies hunting for persons, who are not paying homage to “THE LEADER” and worse than that – offering criticism and asking serious questions.

When you have a closer look at the history of Germany and “LEADERS”, who acted similarly to Jörg Molt you may find very easy some similarities in former regimes. Starting a totalitarian organization, transporting an “ideology” and “vision”, incorporating a political party, using videos for propaganda…. well, this brought us to a point to believe in reincarnation:

Now let’s get to the facts.

If you ever had doubts that Jörg Molt is NOT a crook and his Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan is NOT a scam and he is not one of the biggest scammers on this planet – let’s check out his video (he deleted it 24 hours after release) he posted on September 23rd in his social media channel and read the translation below:


Source: Comming Out of Jörg Molt by cryptowarrior

And here is the translation of his epic speech:

…frankly speaking, everybody who is supporting systems, who act against me, who supports a better world and is highly esteemed on conferences. For those who disturb my mission and vision, which brings prosperity to mankind, and for those who shoot against me, have to bear the consequences.

We have more than 3.000 accounts in our Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan. 1.800-1.900 accounts are involved and shoot against me on other forums – this accounts will not receive any pay-outs anymore. This accounts will be deleted and the funds of this accounts will be donated to WWF or Amnesty International and such things.

This funds will be used to finance my travel expenses to conferences. I will grant myself this funds as a compensation for shooting against me.

You have to expect that this 1.800 Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan accounts will be erased and not paid out in 5 years. You will not fool me!

If you mean you have to create a “Nakamolto-Website” with lies and you mean you have to take all this pictures from me and assemble a Website and produce some videos about me, that I get to hear from all sides – and you see I am still on conferences, this was not very successful.

It’s one side to have doubts if I am the Co-Founder of Bitcoin, everybody can decide to believe that or not. I am traveling more than anybody else here, to bring the vision to the front. Unfortunately a lot of people out there don’t have moral or decency.
But when you attack me and are inside this groups and support this things, then you have to face the consequences!

We made this decision. A lot of people are asking now – “How are you able to verify who is shooting against you?” Our spy’s are in ALL groups – I know who is in this groups and who is distributing this (Nakamolto.info)-Links. Every time when a link to Nakamolto.info occurs in a group a new Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan account will be deactivated. This is very successful – a lot of people are reporting this links to me.

I can see that the number of accounts at the Bitcoin-Retirement-Plan will decrease from 3.000 to 50 to 100 over the time. And this 50-100 are the real faithful persons, who will deserve the money and I don’t give a fuck for the rest.

Who is acting like that has no sense of ethics and is not worth to get rewarded by Bitcoins.

Just to mention that, that nobody can complain afterwards when they do not get any money, because they did not know it.

I will not discuss anything with the people who will not receive anything. They will not receive any money – that’s it. You can write on Facebook, Messenger, What’s app and beg – I do not care!

You can claim a thousand times that you were not part of that, we have our evidence and we do not discuss. This accounts will be cleared and the funds are used for charity and public interest and people who need that funds and support me to change the world in a positive way. This people who realised that “Bitcoin-Co-Founding” is a philosophy are worth to get rewarded, because this people contribute to a better world.

All other followers, who shoot against that have no place here and will be locked out.

*SMILE* Just Saying…



Now we know that there are 1.800-1.900 victims out there, ripped off by Jörg Molt. Our offer is to connect victims around the globe to take legal action against the Co-Founder of Bitcoin. If Jörg Molt took your money, send us an email to [email protected]

We will connect all victims and keep your privacy that “THE LEADER” is not able to come after you. Also, please contribute the Wallet Addresses you made payments to and we will publish them to give prosecutors the possibility to follow the money and where it’s gone…we are 100% sure not to WWF and Amnesty International ;-))

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