April 9, 2019


It was a hard decision to open up this section, but after the coming out of Jörg Molt as a scam artist some months ago (see the full coverage HERE), we decided to publish the known accomplices of his operations. Everybody had enough time after he showed his real face to leave the scammer – as they decided not to do so, they became accomplices of the crook Jörg Molt.
It is a fact that in some months the whole construction of lies, scams, criminal operations will break down. When this happens all victims will have the opportunity to use our “Trace the Crook“-Section and this page to come after all his accomplices as well…

Jörg Molt is the master of manipulation. He is very good at manipulating people, especially women in his life. He has the ability to build up strong relationships very fast and use other people for his purpose. Nevertheless, these people help him to rip off his victims and spread his lies. Here is the list of known accomplices of Jörg Molt aka Jörg Örtl.

Barbara Ungerböck

Barbara Ungerböck is the woman on the crook’s side. She calls herself a “Spiritual Intuitive Healer” on her website. Whenever Jörg Örtl is traveling – Barbara is with him. From October 2018 to February 2019 she was presented as the CEO of the “Satoshi School” and changed her title to “TCC of Satoshi School” after. She supports all operations of Jörg Molt – helps to manage his schedule, social media channels, assists in interviews as the woman on his side. She seems to be a very important factor in the scam model of Jörg Molt. She lives together with Jörg Molt in Vienna, Austria.

Links: Website  Interview


Heinz Schuhmacher

Heinz Schuhmacher helped Jörg Molt to build up his media appearance. He managed all youtube channel, in the beginning, uploaded most of the videos of Jörg Molt. You could call him the “media manager” of Jörg Örtl. He is responsible for censorship of negative comments and acts a kind of a social media manager of the scam operations of Jörg Molt. His nickname on youtube and Steemit is @hudy99.  He operates a website for the game “La Cita” – very weird stuff. He lives in Brühl, Germany.

Links: Youtube  Website1  Website2  Steemit


Angelika Riefling

Angelika Riefling works as an “international project manager” for the satoshi school. She is showing up in some productions of Jörg Molt and seems to act as a kind of an assistant of his scam operations. As the satoshi school still has no legal entity or any official status in any country, she is not an employee, but one of the accomplices of Jörg Örtl and his ponzi scheme. Angelika supports Jörg Molt on social media. She lives in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Links: Website

If you know more members of the “Jörg Molt Scam Team”, please contact us HERE!