Joergis Miningfarm for his “Bitcoin-Pension”


Last weekend Joergi posted photos of his “mining farm” in Switzerland, where he supposed to mine 11 BTC per month for his Bitcoin Retirement Plan.

Letzt analyse his Ponzi-Programme:

  1. Let’s count the miners

Joergi has 90 Antminer S9 installed in his “mining facility” equals 1.260 Th/s equals 200.000 USD.

2. How many are online?

Half of them are online in the mining pool.

Now we know why Joergi is the “Wizard of Bitcoin!” He is the only person on the planet, who is able to mine 11 BTC with appx. 40 pcs. Antminer S9 online.


5 thoughts on “Joergis Miningfarm for his “Bitcoin-Pension”

  • Why don’t you the author of this site come clean, too? Who are you? HOW CHEAP TO CREATE AN ANONYMOUS WEBSITE AND DEFAME A PERSON!

    Coming to think of it, it sounds to me like you are related to Avalon. That would be consistent with their style of shutting people up.

    Come clean if you want to claim any credibility.

    • Same as you come clean with your real name? Your IP is from Switzerland – are you Joergis parner in crime? Operating his “mining facility” aka “fig leaf to rip off people”??
      Yes I am from Avalon for sure!!! …but I am from Bitclubnetwork and Omnia as well! I am also a partner from Herbalife and a good friend of Sanders…. hahaha!

  • Hè also try to rip us off, we create his new website (11-05-2018). But we didn’t know he was a scam artist. He tried to copy our website we created for him and don’t pay us. But we where to smart for him and he didn’t copy shit😀. Thank you for this website you do a good job.

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